We offer the following fee based consultation services through Ian Geddes and Associates:

  • Arborist Reports
  • Tree inspections and inventories
  • Hazard analysis, pest and disease identification
  • Loss analysis and insurance claims
  • Expert witness services

Pests, diseases, and environmental impacts take their toll on urban trees. These impacts can take many forms and precise diagnosis is the key to long term healthy preservation.

People can be pests too! The top two pictures shown below are examples of what happens a number of years after you bury the base of your Oak tree because you wanted a level yard. Whoops! The tree dies of a fungal infection that girdles the tree; meaning, it kills all the water and nutrient conducting

tissues at the base of the tree called phloem and xylem.

Nature and climate also cause periodic problems for tree health. Below left, insect populations, twig and leaf blights, etc. can cause significant damage to your trees if not promptly identified and controlled. Many of these conditions are rectifiable. Below right? Overwatering has caused the black ooze! (Phytophthora cinnamomi)

If you’re starting to panic as you read this because you’ve seen the future for your prized tree…don’t fret, there are many times mitigation techniques available if the situation is promplty identified.

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